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Experience What It's Like To Be An English Winemaker

It's an exciting time of year for winemaking, as juice from the last harvest is being tasted and blended, and before we know it, bottling will begin. Blending trials are an important part of the winemaking process, as they help winemakers craft the perfect balance of flavours and aromas that will then create their final bottle of wine. It’s also a great opportunity to taste older vintages to find out how they are developing and assess their quality. For winemakers, this time of year is a special one, full of promise, potential and a chance to reflect on the hard work that has been poured into creating their unique and delicious wines.

Gusbourne Winery - Opulence

When visiting Gusbourne with Opulence, you can have the opportunity to taste wine straight from tank or barrel and experience what it’s like to be a winemaker.

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