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Revving up Team Morale: How Our Client's E-Bike Team-Building Day Elevated Office Spirits

During the summer, our fantastic client embraced a unique team-building day, pedalling to Balfour Winery on state-of-the-art e-bikes from the UK Electric Bike Centre. The day unfolded with a vineyard tour, delightful tastings, and a lavish buffet lunch with a picturesque vineyard view. Collaborating seamlessly with the UK Electric Bike Centre and Balfour Winery, we curated a tailor-made experience that perfectly aligned with our client's vision.

Client testimonial Balfour Winery Opulence

From coordinating transport back to the station for a hassle-free return to London, every detail was meticulously crafted. We were delighted to receive this wonderful feedback and we’re looking forward to seeing them again in 2024!

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